Dispatchly emerges as a game-changer for dispatching in the USA, offering a unified platform that consolidates information from four major load boards: Central Dispatch, Super Dispatch, Ship.cars, and Haully. Designed with the dispatcher’s efficiency in mind, Dispatchly ensures that users receive rapid notifications for available loads, streamlining the dispatching process and maximizing opportunities.

Here’s a detailed overview of our collaboration with Dispatchly:

  • Unified Load Monitoring: We developed a platform that amalgamates all available loads from the four major boards, eliminating the need for dispatchers to check each board individually.
  • Instantaneous Notifications: Recognizing the essence of time in dispatching, we integrated a system that sends immediate notifications to users’ Telegram bots as soon as new loads become available.
  • Efficient Filtering System: Our team designed a simplified filtering mechanism, allowing users to set up filters once on Dispatchly, which then seamlessly apply across all four boards, optimizing the load search process.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: We ensured that Dispatchly provides a single, user-friendly dashboard that consolidates all load board information, making load monitoring more efficient and time-saving.
  • Tab Management & One-Time Filter Setup: Our collaboration emphasized user convenience, resulting in features that allow viewing of all load boards on one screen and a one-time filter setup that can be applied across all boards.
  • Diverse Notification Systems: Beyond Telegram bot notifications, we expanded Dispatchly’s reach by developing a WhatsApp bot and email notification system, catering to diverse user preferences.
  • Time Efficiency: With Dispatchly, we aimed to save dispatchers up to 60% of their time spent on finding loads, ensuring a more efficient and stress-free dispatching experience.

Working with Dispatchly has been a testament to our dedication to creating solutions that address real-world challenges. We’re proud to have contributed to a platform that revolutionizes the dispatching process, offering genuine value to dispatchers across the USA.